Emotional Soccer Player

Learn proven methods to overcome the feelings of self-doubt and the fear of failure.

Understand how to manage the stress of competition, your emotions, and feelings.

Develop habits to improve your concentration and manage

Course Information

Mental performance has been gaining attention over the past few years, in part due to top-level athletes and performers publicly sharing their struggles during their journeys. The truth is- most participants in athletics and the arts, regardless of age, level, or ability, struggle with some form of mental performance. We have designed Mental Skills Training (MST) - Level 1 as a foundation to the world of mental performance training. Learn proven methods to overcome feelings of self-doubt and tackle the fear of failure. Understand how to regulate the stress of competition and performance anxiety, while also developing habits to improve concentration and manage distractions. These are only a few areas where training with Soul Performance Academy can help. 

Course Details 

Mental Skills Training-Level 1 is an introductory guided training presented via video lectures, coursework, and real-life applications. Each week, a new module will open to students, ensuring that they have time to reflect and practice the skills they are learning. The skills and topics in this series are the ones we have found to be the most beneficial in creating a solid foundation in mental performance. The average time to complete the entire course is 8-9 weeks (about 2 months). A certificate of completion is presented at the end of the course. 

Target Audience 

Any age, level, activity, or profession can benefit from the introductory MST-Level 1. Whether you are an athlete, coach, performer, or professional, this program is for you. We have created this course with the mental skills we found to be most beneficial to our students who are just starting this journey. It can also serve as a great refresher course for anyone who has experienced mental skills training in the past. 

Course Goals 

The main goal of this course is to give learners a basic understanding of mental skills and the tools needed to make an actionable plan for stronger performance outcomes. We also want our students to have a better understanding of the science and history behind the skills. Providing ample background knowledge will help with the understanding and implementation of mental skills training. 


The Course Modules

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