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Training for

Athletes, Coaches, and Parents

The top athletes and coaches in the world know the importance of mental skills training, motor learning principles, and teamwork. Unfortunately, most youth, high school, and college-level teams believe they do not have the time, money, or knowledge to properly train in these areas. This is where Soul Performance Academy will help.

We work with athletes of all ages and abilities, coaches, and parents to help design custom training solutions. While athletes tend to be the main focus when mental skills training is discussed, it is imperative that all of those involved in a program have a common understanding of the process and goals. The mental aspect of sports is often listed as one of the major components of any program, yet is usually the area trained in the least.

Training for

Performing Artists, and Instructors

We share your passion for the performing arts. Musicians, vocal performers, dancers, actors, and numerous other performing artists in the world can all benefit from our programs.

We work with those who may have performance anxiety, stage fright, or low motivation. We will also help with those instructing the artists to find better methods of education, confidence building, and group cohesion.

We also provide great programs for groups such as marching bands, orchestras, and vocal groups.

Training for

the Corporate Workforce, Management, and Executives

There are a lot of buzzwords lately when it comes to corporate training. Meditation, mindfulness, and corporate wellness to name a few. While we agree that these are all important aspects of an effective corporate wellness plan, there is so much more to offer your staff.

Soul Performance Academy will work with all levels of your staff in areas such as goal setting, anxiety, and stress relief. We also offer programs from team building and workforce efficiency. Working with your staff and managers, we will develop a four-step plan (evaluation, education, implementation, and review) to help boost staff efficiency, productivity, and morale.

Our programs are customizable for one-on-one training, group training, or a combination. Soul Performance Academy offers single-day seminars, multi-day workshops, or season-long programs. Each program is designed with age, ability, and specific needs in mind. We will also work with your staff to develop long-term plans and training methods to ensure your athletes reach their potential.

The Four Key Areas

of Training

Mental Skills Training

Training designed to produce psychological states and skills in athletes that will lead to performance enhancement. It focuses on the mental skills that need to be developed to further propel athletic performances beyond that which can be achieved through physical and technical training.

Motor Learning

Motor learning is a set of [internal] processes associated with practice or experience leading to relatively permanent changes In the capability for responding. As it relates to athletics, motor learning is the study of the processes that are used in acquiring new skills and refining already learned skills.

Team Building

Team building is more than trust falls and social outings. Our training helps incorporate team-building concepts into your athletic training plans. Utilizing the time that your players and staff are already spending together, we help solidify bonds for improved outcomes both on and off the field of competition. We offer experiences to create a team culture and build strong communication to strengthen cooperation and improve performance.


The idea of leadership has changed dramatically in the past few years. Gone are the days where leadership was reserved for a small group of elite managers. Leadership is now a characteristic defined by skills and traits accessible to everyone in any organization. Helping all members of an organization hone leadership skills is at the core of our mission. We believe that every person can evolve into a leader.